6×24 Name Rider – Style F
Name and Number (Steel)

Rider Size:  6″H x 24″W
Material: 24-gauge steel
Style: F

  • Printed on both sides
  • Screen printed with high-gloss fade resistant inks
  • White baked enamel finish
  • Available in Red, Blue or Black text
  • Industry standard hole slots punched at 14-1/2″ and 17-1/2″ on center
  • Made from durable long-lasting 24-gauge steel
  • Fits any standard frame
  • Easily attaches to existing yard signs
  • Rounded corners prevent snags and punctures
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Also available with white reflective background

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Our 6×24 Name Rider is a great way to improve your market share and increase sales. Convert potential buyers into actual buyers and develop the name recognition you need with our 6”x24” Name Riders Printed on both sides, these sign panels feature highly visible fade-resistant inks on a white baked enamel background. These sign panels are scratch, rust and weather resistant that will last for years with normal use. Name Riders are an essential part of any realtor’s promotional package and a great investment for your real estate business. Develop more leads by prominently featuring your name and number on your real estate signs with these durable, cost-effective and long-lasting name riders.

6×24 Name Rider – Style ‘F’ Materials and Construction

Each 6×24 Name Rider is constructed from 24-gauge steel for unparalleled strength and durability, is printed on both sides and have rounded corners for safety. Our riders are scratch and rust resistant, feature weather and UV resistant inks and have a durable long-lasting white enamel base. The dark on white color scheme provides the visual contrast needed to make the sign’s message really stand out. Each rider has hole slots punched at industry standard distances on top and bottom for securely mounting these riders to a variety of different types of sign frames and panels. These steel sign riders are durable, cost-effective and long lasting; making them a great investment for your real estate business. Our 6”x24” Name Rider – Style F is proudly made in the USA.


For additional savings, our 6”x24” Name Rider – Style F can be bundled with any of our other stock directional panels, frames or accessories. We also have stock message riders punched with the same pattern to match the frame of your choice. Have a question…Contact Us for additional information on special orders, bundled or volume discounts. Need a more personal touch? Custom printed directional sign panels are also available.

*The sign frame, riders and/or accessories that may be pictured above with the 6”x24” Name Rider – Style F are not included, but these items can be bundled or purchased separately.