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OPEN HOUSE __TO__ Super Saver Combo – CPTH

Sign Panel: 17″h x 23″w, 4mm Corrugated Plastic
Stake: 30” Eco-STEP STAKE, 3mm high tension galvanized steel
Model: CPTH – OPEN HOUSE __TO__ Super Saver Combo

Sign Panel (CPTH)

  • 17″h x 23″w sign panel
  • Printed on both sides
  • Highly visible red lettering on white background
  • Scratch, rust and weather resistant
  • Easy to transport, install and store
  • White 4mm. corrugated plastic panel
  • Popular house shaped design
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Perfect for high saturation signage


Stake (Eco-STEP STAKE)

  • 30″ Regular Coro-Stake
  • Accommodates corrugated sign panels up to 18″h x 24w”
  • Made of 4mm high tension galvanized steel
  • Slips securely into corrugated panel flutes
  • Light weight but sturdy
  • Scratch and rust resistant
  • Fits easily in most cars
  • Has attention attracting motion in breezy conditions
  • Ideal for corrugated directional signs



<h4 style=”color: red;”>Super Saver Open House</h4>
<table border=”1″ cellpadding=”4″ align=”center”>
<td class=”pricingtable_table_header_empty” align=”center”>Landscape</td>
<td class=”pricingtable_table_header” align=”center”>-1-</td>
<td class=”pricingtable_table_header” align=”center”>-3-</td>
<td class=”pricingtable_table_header” align=”center”>-5-</td>
<td class=”pricingtable_table_header” align=”center”>-10-</td>
<td class=”pricingtable_table_header” align=”center”>-15-</td>
<td class=”pricingtable_table_header” align=”center”>-25-</td>
<td class=”pricingtable_table_header” align=”center”>-50-</td>
<td class=”pricingtable_table_colors_1_name”>17″h x 23″w Coroplast</td>
<td class=”pricingtable_table_colors_1_value”>$19.95</td>
<td class=”pricingtable_table_colors_1_value”>$17.95</td>
<td class=”pricingtable_table_colors_1_value”>$ 13.75</td>
<td class=”pricingtable_table_colors_1_value”>$ 12.50</td>
<td class=”pricingtable_table_colors_1_value”>$ 10.95</td>
<td class=”pricingtable_table_colors_1_value”>$ 9.75</td>
<td class=”pricingtable_table_colors_1_value”>$ 8.95</td>
<h3 style=”color: red;”>505-294-7446 for custom sizes and special quotes</h3>

Develop more interest from potential buyers and generate more traffic to your open house events with a well-executed market saturation plan.  Our OPEN HOUSE __TO__ Super Saver Combo stake and sign panel is not only a great way to announce your open house, but to let potential buyers know what time you will be beginning and ending the event.

These lightweight, weatherproof signs are an extremely cost-effective and efficient means of increasing your marketing area and the visibility of your events and listings. Our Super Saver Combo comes with a 30” tall Eco-STEP STAKE and a 17×23 OPEN HOUSE __TO__ corrugated plastic double-sided panel.  The 17″x23″corrugated plastic OPEN HOUSE __TO__ panel is printed with highly visible red ink on a white background. The 4mm corrugated panel is die cut in our popular house shape design. This combo includes our 30” tall 3mm high tension galvanized steel ECO-STEP STAKE. Simply slide the stake into the flutes of the sign and place it in the ground. Get your message out to prospective customers and improve your chance to make the sale.

OPEN HOUSE __TO__ Super Saver Combo Materials and Construction

The 17″x23″ OPEN HOUSE __TO__ panel is screen printed with highly visible and durable red ink on 4mm corrugated plastic. Corrugated plastic is lightweight, weather proof and scratch resistant. The included Regular Duty Step Stake is made from 3mm high tension galvanized steel to reduce scratching and rust. The stake stands 30″ tall and slides into the flutes of the panel for installation.


For additional savings and value, our OPEN HOUSE __TO__ Super Saver Combo can be bundled with any combination of our other steel, aluminum or coroplast panels, frames, posts, stakes or other accessories. Volume discounts are also available.  Contact us directly with questions concerning bundles, volume discounts or custom orders.

*The stake, holder, post, sign panels or other accessories that may be pictured above with our OPEN HOUSE __TO__ Super Saver Combo stake and sign panel are not included, but these items can be bundled or purchased separately.

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 23 × .20 × 30 in

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the safety of our employees and community, it is with sadness that Realty Sign Express announces a temporary closure of our facilities. We wish you all good health and fortune throughout these times as we remain hopeful and look forward to serving your needs again in the near future.

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