Where can I study property development in South Africa?

What do you need to study to become a property developer?


  1. Planning for Property Developers.
  2. Communication Skills.
  3. Real Estate Principles.
  4. Economics IA – Microeconomics.
  5. Economics IB – Macroeconomics.
  6. Commercial Law.
  7. Mathematics for Property Studies.
  8. Business Statistics.

What can you do with a property development degree?

What jobs can you do with a Property Development degree?

  • chartered general practice surveyor.
  • chartered building surveyor.
  • property developer.
  • environmental impact auditor.
  • specialist advisers on retail, leisure and commercial property.
  • legal adviser and property lawyer.
  • land and asset manager.

Where can I study my property valuation in South Africa?

University of the Witwatersrand (Wits University)

  • Contact David Root on 011 717 7669 or david.root@wits.ac.za.
  • BSc Property Studies (4 year degree) – Not yet accredited (Accreditation visit pending)

How much money do you need for property development?

How much you will need to do a property development is going to come down to the project type and the project size. As a general rule, you want to have somewhere between 25-35% of the proposed overall development cost. It will come down to your lender’s appetite for the type of project you are looking to do.

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Can anyone be a property developer?

Why be a property developer? One of the most appealing things about property development is that anyone can do it. You do not need any qualifications or training to get started. Anyone can become a property developer simply by buying a house then selling it on for a profit.

Is property development a good career?

If you decide to buy and renovate yourself, you probably own a property already. Property development is not a career for a school-leaver or recent graduate. … “You can make a career out of it and it can be extremely rewarding. Just make sure you are organised and prepared to work hard,” says Fletcher.

What are the types of property development?

What types of property developments can you use bridging finance for?

  • Residential and commercial new build projects.
  • Renovating and refurbishing existing homes.
  • Converting commercial and agricultural properties to residential.
  • Redevelopment projects.

Are real estate developers rich?

When the question comes to making money in real estate, a real estate career as a developer can make you rich. … Additionally, the profit a real estate developer makes may exceed $ 1,000,000. Still, you should understand that there are many factors that influence the profit of the developer.

How long is a property development course?

The normal course of 5 days will now be presented over a period of 4 months. You will be able to watch recordings of each of the subjects, as per the programme schedule. After each recording you will do a short assignment on that specific subject.

What skills do you need to be a property developer?

A Property Developer needs to have a wide range of skills and abilities. Good attributes would be: Flexibility and the ability to work on a range of different projects. An ability to work and function in high pressure environments.

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