ShurLok Key Lock Box – ShurLok

Product Size: 5 3/4″ x 9 1/2″
Material:  All metal body, chrome-plated brass dials with hardened steel shackle
Model: ShurLok

  • Durable all-metal construction
  • Holds 5 – 6 keys
  • 10,000 combination possible
  • Zero locking allows opening in the dark
  • Fast and easy to change the combination
  • Can be mounted anywhere with accessories
  • Will not damage the door or whatever it is locked to
  • One year warranty
  • Rust and weather resistant
  • Safest, most secure lock on the market
  • Proven history with more than 10 years of security and reliability
  • Durable all-metal construction


Securely store and share up to 6 keys with ShurLok key lock box, the safe and convenient secure key storage solution. The ShurLok features separate combinations for the shackle and key compartment. You can make the combination available to the door for key access, but protect your lock box by keeping the shackle combination private. This provides security for not only the key(s), but your lock box as well.

The ShurLok ShurLok key lock box “Zero Locking” open feature also ensures access, even in the dark. Because each number automatically locks or stops on zero, you can simply count your numbers up from there to open the lock. You can make your numbers smaller and closer to zero for quicker opening in the dark. In addition, the ShurLok design allows the user to make a mistake entering the combination and then correct it without starting the process over from the beginning (the way push button or old dial -gym lockers-do)

The ShurLok key lock box also makes it simple to change the combination. To change the combination, simply open the shackle, turn the set screw on the side 90 degrees (using a coin or paper clip), change the combination and turn the set screw back; it really is as simple as that and can be completed in seconds.

The ShurLok also has a protective back to ensure that whatever the box is locked to will not be scratched or dented by the lock box itself. The protective back is comprised of a protective plastic cap and rubber bumper that creates a pliable bumper between the lock box and whatever it is locked to.

The ShurLok key lock box is all metal and has no plastic buttons exposed to climate conditions that will cause them to oxidize or breakdown over time. The lock box is an extremely versatile key storage solutions that works well for everyone including home owners, boat owners, construction workers, maintenance people, property manages and more.

ShurLok Key Lock Box Materials and Construction

The ShurLok key lock box is made has a solid metal body with rust resistant coating. Unlike plastic buttons or dials, which are purposely made to wear out with usage and weather, the ShurLok dials are made of chrome-plated brass that is designed to last for years with normal use in all weather conditions.
The Shackle is made of hardened steel for additional security and the protective back (with rubber bumper) protect the surface behind the box.


For additional savings and value, our ShurLok Key Lock Boxs can be bundled with any combination of our steel or aluminum panels, riders, frames, posts, stakes or other accessories. Volume discounts are also available. Contact us directly with questions concerning bundles, volume discounts or custom orders.

*The stake, holder, post, sign panels or other accessories that may be pictured above with the ShurLok Key Lock Box are not include, but these items can be bundled or purchased separately.

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions5.75 × 1.6 × 9.5 in