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Crown Frame 2028 Real Estate Sign Holder – CRF2028

For Panel Size: 20″H x 18″W
Material: 3/4″ Angle Iron (Powder Coated)
Model: CRF2028

  • Main Panel Size: 20″h x 28″w
  • 42″ tall
  • Rider width up to 28″
  • Holds 3 message riders (2 internal and 1 on top)
  • Attach internal riders without tools
  • Constructed of 3/4″ angle iron metal
  • Precision robotically welded
  • Powder coated to prevent rusting
  • Made for years of outdoor use
  • Made for hard rocky ground
  • Industry standard hole slot punching
  • Hole Slots on 14-1/2 and 17-1/2 centers
  • Weight 9.5 lbs. each

When ordering 5 or more of identical quantity



20″h x 28″w Crown Frame

$ 35.75$ 32.50

Draw attention to your listings with our Crown Frame 2028 Real Estate Sign Holder.  This 42” tall Crown frame holds a 20” high by 28” wide main panel and up to 3 riders.  Two 6” high by 28” wide riders can be installed without tools and one additional 28” wide rider can be bolted on the top cross-bar. Attaching riders inside the CRF2028 Crown Frame does not require tools, but attach with clips that are integrated into the frame itself.  Our crown frame 2028 is constructed of 3/4″ angle iron that has been robotically welded for durability and consistency.  We also powder coat each frame to provide a durable scratch-resistant, rust-proof, long-lasting finish. These frames are for use with steel, aluminum or coroplast sign panels and are easy to transport and install.  Slotted holes are spaced at industry standard distances to insure your existing sign panels and optional top riders can be securely bolted to this frame. Our 2028 Crown frame is constructed and finished with quality materials and will hold up under all weather and soil conditions.  It is a professional-looking durable display solution that will provide years of use under normal conditions.

Crown Frame 2028 Materials and Construction

Our Crown Frame 2028 Real Estate Sign Holder, made from ¾” angle iron, is robotically welded for precision and consistency.  Each frame is also powder coated to create a high-quality, scratch-resistant, rust-proof, gloss finish. The cross bars are punched with industry standard hole slots (14-1/2 and 17-1/2 on center) for bolt-on panels and riders. The materials, processes, finish, and attention to detail we use in the constructing our frames ensure that they will last for years with normal use.  These frames are not only a cost-effective professional-looking solution for showcasing your listings, but a valuable investment for your real estate business.


For additional savings and value, the Crown Frame Real Estate Sign Holder can be bundled with any combination of our 20″ high by 24″ wide steel panels, riders and accessories. Volume discounts are also available.  Contact us directly with questions concerning bundles, volume discounts or custom orders.

*The 2028 Crown Frame Real Estate Sign Holder does not include panel, riders or accessories that may be pictured above, but these items can be bundled or purchased separately.

Weight9.5 lbs
Dimensions28 × .75 × 42 in

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