Auto Window Graphics

Our see through window decals from are fully-customizable. You can upload your own completed design, or choose one of our professionally-designed templates for see through window decals. Any of our templates can be personalized with your campaign information, including your name, position, colors and photographs, etc..

See Through Window Graphics

  • Perforated with 1.5 mm holes
  • See through from inside
  • Vibrant digital inks
  • Full color
  • Exterior / interior
  • Ships in 78 hours
  • Made in USA


<h3>See Through Window Graphics Make Your Vehicle a Mobile Billboard</h3>

See through window graphics help make your vehicle a significant campaign weapon. With see through window graphics, you can cover your auto windows without the worry of blocking visibility. The distinctive perforated material from which see through window graphics are made allows for full-color printing on the outside, while being see-through from the inside. From diffusing light and cutting glare from the sun to adding privacy, the advantages of see through window graphics are numerous. See thru window graphics get the attention of the public and and brings attention to your campaign.
<h3>View Thru Vinyl That’s Noticed By The Public</h3>
See thru vinyl is perforated with 1.5 mm holes in a 65/35 pattern, meaning that 35% of the mesh window graphics are removed. This leaves enough printed design on the view thru vinyl that customers can easily read your message and see your images, however enough of the material is removed to allow for see-through visibility from the other side. If you’re planning to cover a window completely, measure it carefully to ensure you order view thru vinyl that will need little or no trimming. See thru vinyl is long-lasting and durable, and it’s also fairly-easy to install (the perforations help prevent the bubbles and wrinkles that are common with solid materials). See thru vinyl is also removable when necessary.

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