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18×24 OPEN HOUSE Directional Sign and Post – STK111-OH (Personalized)

Sign Panel: 18″h x 24″w, 24-gauge steel
Frame: 42″ tall, ½” Steel Round Rod (Powder Coated)
Model: STK111-OH

Sign Panel (OH1824)

  • Personalized with company name OR phone number in red lettering inside arrow
  • Printed on both sided
  • High visibility white arrow and text
  • Vibrant red background
  • Scratch, rust and weather resistant finish
  • Rounded corners for safety
  • 24-gauge steel
  • Weighs 1.5 pounds


Frame (ESF1824)

  • 42″ tall
  • Holds 1 message rider up to 24″w
  • Constructed of ½” Steel Round Rod
  • Powder coated to prevent rusting
  • Scratch / Rust resistant
  • Precision robotically welded
  • Industry standard Hole Slots 14-1/2 and 17-1/2 on center

Refer to Pricing Tab below.

Price when purchasing 25 units.


Personalized Imprint

Enter company name, Phone number OR web address. (25 chrs max)


18×24 Personalized Panel and esquire frame combo

18×24 Panel and esquire frame combo888-613-7446 for custom sizes and special quotes

Personalized Combo$ 48.45$ 41.50$ 39.35$ 37.20$ 35.20

888-613-7446 for custom sizes and special quotes

Our 18×24 OPEN HOUSE Directional Sign and Post Combo is a professional means of keeping potential buyers on track and in the door at your next open house.  This sign and frame package features a 42” tall Esquire frame which holds one of our 18” high by 24” wide OPEN HOUSE sign panels.  Direct potential buyers to listings that may be harder-to-find, need a bit more exposure, or those that are just more remote.

Printed on both sides, the included 18×24 OPEN HOUSE directional sign panels are scratch, rust and weather resistant, that will that will last for years with normal use.  These sign panels are printed using UV-resistant inks and feature a highly visible white arrow and text on a bright red background with your personalized text.  Keep buyers moving in the right direction with these durable, cost-effective and long lasting sign panels.

Our 18×24 Esquire Frame is constructed of ½” steel round rod, robotically welded for durability and consistency, that has been powder-coated to provide a durable scratch-resistant, rust-proof, long-lasting finish. Slotted holes spaced at industry standard distances insure your existing sign panels and riders are also compatible. This Esquire frame also has holes punched into the top cross-bar that allow an optional 24” wide rider to be securely bolted to this frame.

These 18×24 OPEN HOUSE Directional Sign and Post Combos are a great investment for your real estate business that will provide value for years to come. The 18×24 OPEN HOUSE Directional Sign and Post Combo weighs only 8.5 pounds and is easy to transport and install.  Constructed and finished with quality materials, our STK111-OH sign and post combo will last for years under normal conditions and remain a professional means of drawing the attention you need to sell your listings.

18×24 OPEN HOUSE Directional Sign and Post Materials and Construction

Printed on both sides with rounded corners for safety, our 18”x24” OPEN HOUSE Directional Sign Panels are constructed from 24-gauge steel, which provides unparalleled strength and durability.  The text and arrows are printed in white against a highly visible red background.  The red on white color scheme helps the sign’s message really stand out, even in more visually cluttered areas. Each panel is finished with a UV and fade resistant inks and base coat that are both scratch and rust resistant.  Hole slots are punched at industry standard distances on top and bottom for secure mounting.

Powder coated to create a high-quality gloss finish that is scratch-resistant and rust-proof, our 18×24 Esquire Frame (ESF1824) is made from ½” Steel Round Rod. The cross bars are punched with 14-1/2 and 17-1/2 on center industry standard hole slots for securely attaching panels and riders and to ensure that your existing compatible panels and riders are also usable with this frame.

These durable, cost-effective and long lasting 18×24 OPEN HOUSE Directional Sign and Post Combos are a great investment for your real estate business.  They are proudly made in the USA, in-stock, and ready to be shipped today!


For additional savings, our 18×24 OPEN HOUSE Sign and Post Combos can be bundled with any of our other stock directional panels, frames or accessories. We also have stock message riders punched with the same pattern to match the frame of your choice.  Have a question…Contact Us for additional information on special orders, bundled or volume discounts. Need a more personal touch? Custom printed directional sign panels are also available.

*The sign frame, riders and/or accessories that may be pictured above with the 18×24 OPEN HOUSE Sign and Post Combo are not included, but these items can be bundled or purchased separately.

Weight8.5 lbs
Dimensions24 × .75 × 42 in

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