Frequent question: How many points are given for hotel sales experience real estate?

How many points are given for hotel sales experience?

You must accumulate a minimum of 1750 points* to qualify for a broker’s license based on experience as a real estate salesperson.

How many points are given for 3 years of certain types of real estate activities quizlet?

Three years of equivalent experience in some other aspect of real estate and 5250 points, subject to approval by the Department of State.

Who may legally compensate a licensed salesperson?

A salesperson is compensated on the basis of an agreement between herself and the broker.

What type of lease has no time limit?

A tenancy-at-will is an agreement between a landlord and a tenant without a written agreement. This type of tenancy does not specify its duration or the exchange of payment and can be terminated at any time.

Who is liable for the withholding on the sale of a property owned by a foreigner quizlet?

It requires a buyer to withhold estimated taxes equal to 10% of the sale price in any sale or exchange of property owned by a foreigner (not a US citizen). The IRS keeps this 10% to ensure that any capital gains on the sale are paid.

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How does the Lawyers Fund help legal clients quizlet?

Why was the Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection created and what does it do? It was created to protect consumers from dishonest law practices. The Fund may reimburse losses caused by the dishonest conduct of lawyers up to a maximum of $300,000 for each client loss.

How do you become a member of the Rebny?

To be eligible, one must be a new applicant or a previous member with no outstanding balance. Membership will be subject to renewal dues in January 2023 at the published annual rate. Principal, member of a partnership, or an officer of a corporation whose main office is in New York City.

What is a listing contract in real estate?

What Is a Listing Agreement? A listing agreement is a contract under which a property owner (as principal) authorizes a real estate broker (as agent) to find a buyer for the property on the owner’s terms. In exchange for this service, the owner pays a commission.